Suzuki TL 1000

Sports bike model Suzuki TL 1000 was produced from 1997 to 2003. The reason for the creation of this motorcycle was the Suzuki company’s desire to enter the class of sports 2-cylinder V/L-shaped bikes, and to compete
Ducati. However, Suzuki did not succeed to create a reliable smooth bike at once – the first series of Suzuki TL1000 had a number of problems. Despite the fact that the identified “disease” was quickly fixed, the bike got a reputation as unreliable and problematic. However, the experiment did not passed in vain – modified and retuned engines from the Suzuki TL1000 were¬† later put on Suzuki SV1000 and Suzuki V-Strom 1000 and also on a number of Cagiva and Bimota models.

Modifications of Suzuki TL1000

Suzuki TL1000S – the standard version with the small fairing.
Suzuki TL1000R – the sports version in full plastic kit. It differs in design, increased motor power, fully adjustable suspension, 6 piston brakes, reduced wheelbase and slightly heavier weight.

On the markets of some countries TL1000S and TL1000R models were called TLS1000 and TLR1000.

The main feature of the bike is V/L-shaped fuel injection of liquid-cooling, making 125-135 HP (depends on version) and 105-106 Nm of torque. Drive timing is remarkable, which is a combination of chain and gears – this design makes the maintenance of the mechanism easier and gives the motor a specific sound.

Among other characteristics there can be singled out an aluminum frame, injection power system, fully adjustable sports suspension (TL1000R), 6-speed gearbox, 6-piston brakes (TL1000R) and 187 kg dry weight (TL1000S). The rear suspension system of the motorcycle is also remarkable – rotary-piston shock absorber is used along with the classic pendulum,which is fixed almost horizontally on the right side of the motorcycle and carries out damping through special rotating rods. This system does not lengthen the wheelbase of the motorcycle, in contrast to the classical central monoshock absorber. This design resembles the suspension of Formula-1 race cars.

A brief history of the model

1997 – start of Suzuki TL1000S production. Motorcycles of that year had some technical problems. In particular, at high speeds the engine would “spit” oil into the air filter. Also the bike was prone to vobling due to the strong discharging of the front wheel. In addition, the injector was very whimsical to the quality of gasoline, so there were often cases when the plugs were out of order or the fuel filter of fuel pump was clogged.

1998 – simultaneously with Suzuki TL1000S there was launched sports model Suzuki TL1000R. All the problems of the previous motorcycle generation were removed. Standard kit included the installation of the steering damper.

2001 – Suzuki TL1000S model was officially withdrawn from the market.

2003 – version of the Suzuki TL1000R was withdrawn from the market.

Fuel consumption
Average fuel consumption for Suzuki TL1000 is 6-8 liters per 62 miles. The exact value depends on the style of driving.


Price of Suzuki TL1000 depends on the technical condition and version of the motorcycle. There are the prices of the models in good condition:

Suzuki TL1000S – $3500-4500
Suzuki TL1000R – $4500-5500

About reliability

The first version of Suzuki TL1000 had a number of technical “disease”, which was eliminated in 1998. In general, this bike is durable enough.

The “disease” of earlier versions (1997) Suzuki TL1000:

– possible problems with the integrity of the gasket between the fuel pump and gas tank;
– possible problems with the clutch (slippage);
– sensitiveness to fuel quality – the fuel pump filter may be clogged or plugs may be burnt out;
– the tendency to vobling;
– possible oil starvation when driving on the rear wheel (typical for most V/L-twins with classic lubrication system of the engine).