BD Frame Sliders

Bike Design Crash Bobbins

rash bobbins have been used in racing for many years now, to reduce the damage to frame, engine cases and fairing panels, caused when a bike hits the road.  These have been available for road bikes for a few years, but they have always been either too small and ineffective, or require cutting or trimming of fairing panels to fit.

Bike Design have developed a range of crash protectors to provide optimum strength and protection, but which fit straight onto road bikes.  Stainless brackets provide strength, with many of the kits providing a brace bar between the crash bobbins to share the load of any impact.


Let’s face it.  Who wants to cut their stock bodywork for Frame Sliders (okay, “Crash Bobbins” for you UK people).  I found a set of Sliders at Rhencullen Race Products and Performance Motorcycle Parts in the UK.  They are manufactured by a company called Bike Design.  Install couldn’t be more simple.  Quality is very good.  Some have commented that the brackets may not hold up in a crash.  While they may not be as solid as a set without the brackets, the brackets are pretty beefy.  If you collapse these brackets, you can figure you have laid it down pretty hard.  I doubt the sliders themselves would survive a crash, but they should take the brunt of it.

Overall, a very nice alternative to butchering your expensive plastic.

Here’s what you get in the kit


A little different view


While the instructions say to only remove the battery cover, I removed the whole left panel to show you in more detail where it mounts.


There are two spacers that go behind the bracket.


Remove the mounting bolt below the coolent overflow bottle and the white plug in the frame (what the heck was this threaded hole for anyway?)


Here are your mounting points for the right bracket.


Bolt the bracket in. Start with the top bolt and leave it loose.


I used three washers behind the bracket so it didn’t bind when tightened down.


Right side installed.


Another right side shot.


Left side installed.


Another left side shot.


Another left side shot.