Checking and Setting the TPS on the Suzuki TL1000

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Warm the bike up to operating temperature.

Locate the Dealer Mode block under the rear seat/hump (left side on the TLR, right side on the TLS). It is the one with only 2 wires.

With the ignition off, remove the rubber cover and jumper the two connectors with a paperclip or other suitable object. Do not let the paperclip contact the frame.

Start the bike and make sure it is idling at 1200 RPM.

The LCD display on the tachometer should read 

Advance the throttle to 1400 RPM with the Fast Idle Lever.

After a few seconds at 1400 RPM, the indicator in the LCD should advance to the upper mark. 

If it advances at 1400 RPM, your TPS is set correct.

Remove the steering damper and raise the tank. Use caution not to loose the washers on the damper. Remove the rubber grommet and sleeve on the tank as it might fall into the throttle bodies when they are exposed with the bike running.

You must now remove the air cleaner box.
– Disconnect the vacuum hoses from the intake valve control actuators, remove the screws and the air box cover
– Remove the air filter
– Bend each lock portion of both air funnel retainers and remove the air funnels by extracting the three bolts.
– Disconnect the vacuum hoses (4) from the VCSV (Vacuum Control Solenoid Valve).
– Disconnect the VCSV coupler (5)
– Disconnect the vacuum hose from the IAP (Intake Air Pressure) sensor (6)
– Disconnect the IAP sensor coupler (7)

– Disconnect both crankcase breather hoses from the bottom sides of the air cleaner box
– Disconnect the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor.

– Disconnect the vacuum hose from the vacuum damper located on the front of the air cleaner box.
– Remove the air cleaner box. Be careful not to lose the two rubber O-rings on the top of the throttle bodies. They sometimes stick to the bottom of the air cleaner box.

Remove the IAT from the air cleaner box and reconnect it and lay it on the frame without the sensor touching metal. Use one of the vacuum hose clamps for the hoses to hold it in place. Do not lose the washer!

Remove the IAP sensor and reconnect it. Caution, when the screw is removed from the IAP sensor, the nut will fall out of the air cleaner box.

Plug the intake valve control actuators hoses and the vacuum damper hose (golf tees work great for this).

The TPS should now be exposed between the two throttle bodies (See Photo).

You will need a #25 Safety Torx Bit to adjust the TPS.

Loosen the screws to the TPS and start the bike. Check the idle is at 1200 RPM and the bike is at normal operating temperature. Tap the TPS up and to the right until the indicator goes to the top mark. Now tap the TPS in the opposite direction until it just barely drops to the center mark (remember the delay, give it a few seconds after each tap). Tighten the Torx screws. Check the TPS by advancing it to 1400 RPM again and make sure the indicator moves up.

If the TPS checks out, reinstall the air cleaner box in reverse order.