Chuck, Sanford NC

I haven’t been posting at all for sometime since all of you seem to be doing such a great job but finally needed to post my comments on the Eurobikes Tail Closure and Hugger.

I just went to the TL1000R Owners Club to review the comments on the closure. Here are my comments. First thing I noticed was that the person who made the comments and posted the photos did not install the closure properly and I am not surprised he is unhappy with the fit. The side lips of the closure should be under the sides of the OEM tail section and a screw installed in a hole on each side to line up with the OEM units holes. This makes a great fit. I found the instructions very lacking as he did but with a little sense it was an easy installation. The removing of the OEM inner fender complained about was not surprising to me I had expected to do it if for no other reason than it would insure that I did a professional job. The modifying of the inner fender was very easy. He said he lost 90% of his storage space. The way I did it I only lost the deep pocket area which was expected. I have more space than I ever need and frequently carry a camera, sweat shirt, tools, maps and insurance papers, something to eat, can of emergency tire inflator etc. The holes for the license brackets he said were not lined up I believe would be lined up for some countries and make a good reference for relocating the holes. I wanted to move mine about two inches further forward anyway and was not bothered by this at all. I did not expect the closure to have mountings for turn signals so was not disappointed. I easily installed an Integrator and also installed turn signal lights in the oval cutouts in the OEM tail piece.
I have had huggers on three sport bikes and in each case used a couple plastic washers here and there and/or elongated a hole or two slightly to get a professional fit. The Eurobikes hugger was no different and in fact easier to install than any of the others I’ve had.
My Evaluation. The Eurobikes Closure and Hugger are of excellent quality and fit well allowing for a very professional installation. These are the best I have installed on any bike and look far superior to any other units I ever installed. The instructions suck but it is easy to figure out what to do with what is supplied. The tire indentation above the wheel which is not noticeable will get small rock chips in it. If I ever have it repainted I will heat an oval piece of clear vinyl and install it there just for protection although since it’s not noticeable it’s not a big deal.
My Summary. This is the best tail closure and hugger I ever installed. It is also the best looking unit I personally have ever seen on any bike. I have digital photos I made to send Jamie that I can send. E-mail me.
I am only trying to be helpful here so please don’t think I am picking on anyone also I have no affiliation with Eurobikes other than placing an order with them as I do with many companies.