Vortex Fuel Cap

Vortex. Anodized Billet Aluminum Caps. Review

I’m getting the bike ready for track day.  I purchased a 2nd hand tank, and while I could swap the fuel cap, I wanted something different.  I found these billet caps from Vortex.  The person taking the order was courteous, and seemed knowledgeable.  Total time to my door was 3 days.

Quality: Top notch.  Very few machining marks.  Anodizing was also very smooth and consistent.  The base has a thick rubber seal that mates well with the tank.  The threads on the cap are fine and it seals well.  I have seen other units going for much more.  While you loose the ability to lock the cap, I don’t feel it’s even necessary in my environment.

I do wish they offered it in a GOLD anodizing.  You listening Vortex 🙂

I may be able to get a discount for a group buy.  Let me know if you are interested.

Top View


Bottom View


Remove 4 bolts from stock fuel cap


Just lift it off


Make sure you don’t drop any parts in there! Keep the dirt out.


Set the new base on with the arrow pointing forward


Install the 4 bolts. Tighten evenly to compress the rubber gasket.


Screw the cap in.


Finished product!