Yosh RS3 Install

Replacing stock exhaust with Yoshimura RS3 Full Race System

Hope this gives better detail than the instructions that came with it.

1. Put the bike on a race stand, it makes everything easy to get to.
2. Remove front signal lights with the air duct cover (remove as one piece) by taking the Phillips screw out below the front signal. Pry the cover up at the rear (it’s a pin snapped into a rubber grommet). Now pull rearward to remove the pin from the front grommet. Unplug the signal from the wiring harness (you pull OUT on the clip, do not push in, as many of the other wiring connectors work in the bike.
3. Remove the battery cover on the left side.
4. Remove the lower chin fairing.
5. Remove the left side fairing. Bend the clamp holding the wiring harness. After removing the screws, pull out and rearward. You will have to get the air duct loose from the frame. Also snap it free from the radiator shroud.
6. Remove the screw on the right side fairing that bolts to the radiator shroud. Remove the shroud by unsnapping it at the bottom from the right fairing.
7. Remove the right side fairing. After removing the screws, you must take the relay attached to the fairing off. It is EXTREMELY hard to remove. I needed a big flat blade screwdriver to pry it off. Pull it out and back.
8. Remove the stock exhaust cans by taking the 4 caps off at the base of the cans and the hanger bolt located below the rear cowl. Do this on both sides.
9. Unbolt the radiator by removing the two bolts at the top and the one bolt at the bottom. Unplug the thermostat on the right side of the radiator. Carefully push the radiator forward. I moved mine forward then slightly to the side, resting it on the bracket it was bolted to.
10. Remove the lower exhaust to frame bolts on both sides. You will reuse the right side bolt. The new system does not bolt to the left side.
11. Carefully remove the front exhaust manifold screws. Be cautious working around the radiator. Loosen the rear exhaust clamp located behind the left foot guard, coming through the swingarm.
12. Carefully lower the stock exhaust and remove from the bike. I had to take the bike off the Pit Bull stand to get it out. Do not loose the front exhaust gasket if it comes off with the pipe. You can reuse it if you are careful.
13. Bolt the new front exhaust manifold to the front cylinder. Make sure the exhaust gasket is in place.
14. Place the clamp on the rear manifold pipe. Coat the inside of the pipe with Never Seize. Carefully slide the rear pipe through the swingarm and on the rear stock exhaust manifold. This is easier with the side stand extended.
15. Carefully slide the front pipe on the rear plumbing and work it into the manifold. It is a tight fit and you have to use some force to get it in. Again, be careful working around the radiator.
16. Push the rear pipe up on the stock manifold pipe until it contacts the band around the pipe. Mine would not go that far. Mine is about 1/8″ from the band. Any further and the right frame mount would not line up with the pipe bracket. To get my rear pipe on, I had to place a floor jack under the bike, and place a piece of wood under the twisted plumbing at the rear. I jacked the bike until it was slightly elevated in the race stands, putting all the weight on the exhaust. I then had to rap the wood from underneath until the pipe was seated.
17. Insert the right frame mount bolt and use the nut provided by Yoshimura to secure.
18. Install the heat shield strip in both muffler hangers. Put them on the mufflers.
19. Carefully slide the exhaust cans on the installed assembly. Watch you don’t scratch them on the rear heat shields below the passenger pegs. Bolt them to the stock hanger brackets.
20. Install all springs. Check for all clearances.
21. Reassemble the bodywork in the reverse order of removal. Make sure you connect the radiator thermostat, signal wires, and place the relay back on it’s bracket inside the right fairing. Also make sure you bend the clamp back around the wiring harness on the left fairing hear the signal light.

The entire project took me 4 hours alone (with some breaks in there to think). Could have probably been done in 3 non-stop.

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